Proud Parents of Nest 1 at MCR

Both Bald Eagle nests at MCR have produced young this year and they have now fledged the nests within this past week!  MCR’s eagle nest at the west side of the property produced 2 eaglets and our nest to the east produced 1 eaglet. 

According to the National Wildlife Federation, “Fledgling birds show a blackish-brown breast that may contrast with the lighter-colored belly. After six months, the immature eagle begins to turn light brown. More white flecking begins to appear on the breast and the underwing. Bald Eagles take about 5.5 to mature to the typical white head and tail and solidly dark chocolate brown body, legs and wing feathers of an adult.” 

A new pair of Bald Eagles roosting along the shoreline at the Wildlife Blind Cove at MCR

Both juveniles and the resident adults can still be seen regularly hanging around the reservoir shoreline by their respective nests, however today’s monitoring trip at MCR revealed a third adult pair roosting in the trees along the shoreline at the wildlife blind cove!  Welcome to the neighborhood!