Since 1989, Merrill Creek Reservoir (MCR) has granted access to the public to enjoy its tranquil setting, natural environment, and limited low impact recreational activities. 

VERY IMPORTANT – Boater Update – Mandatory Winter PFD Wear  New New Jersey Regulation 13:82-1.4(f)
Starting November 1, 2023, no owner or operator of a recreational vessel less than 26 feet, including rowboats, canoes, and kayaks shall permit its operation between November 1st and May 1st, unless each person on board such vessel is wearing a securely fastened United States Coast Guard-approved wearable personal flotation device of an appropriate size while such vessel is underway.  In short, A USCG approved life jacket is required to be worn at all times, outside of a cabin on a boat under 26 feet during the cold-water months, while in motion, from November 1st to May 1st.

Property Operation Hours

Gates open year-round at 7:00 am

Gate closing times: are seasonal, so check home page of MCR website for current closing times

NOTE: Boat ramp closure times are different than property closing times, they are typically 1 hour prior to property gate closure – check the white-board at the ramp for ramp closing times.  All watercraft MUST be off the water by the ramp closure time, not by the time the property gates close. This is an offence which will result in your vehicle and/or boat information submitted to law enforcement and will be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, permanent banning from the property.

The entire MCR property, including hiking trails and boat ramp, will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Please park in designated parking areas only, as there is no parking permitted anywhere else at MCR, including roadside parking.  Parking along roadsides and other areas at MCR is for authorized vehicles only.

 MCR is a privately owned property, please help us to keep MCR safe and secure for all to enjoy by strictly following our new property recreation hours. Thank you.

No boats may be on the premises before the gate is open or after the gate is closed. The ramp will remain open year-round, unless it is inaccessible due to ice/snow. Rules for boating and fishing, the schedule of opening and closing hours and a depth map of the reservoir are posted on the bulletin boards and also available at the Boat Ramp and the Visitors Center.

Boating Regulations
Boat Ramp Schedule