Welcome to the Merrill Creek Environmental Preserve. This area has been designed and managed specifically for low impact recreational uses. Hiking, cross-country skiing, photography, wildlife observation, and nature study are all encouraged.

The 290-acre preserve features a variety of habitats including woodlands, fields, evergreen plantations, and wetlands

The Preserve is open to the public from Sunrise to Sunset, seven days a week, year round.

In order to protect the natural beauty of the Preserve and assure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable visit, the following rules have been established within the Preserve:

  • Please stay on marked trails.
  • Trails are open to foot travel only; horses, bicycles, and motor vehicles of any kind are prohibited.
  • Pets must remain under leashed control at all times.
  • All litter must be deposited in appropriate trash containers.

MCR Trail Map

Merrill Creek Trail Map 2021

MCR Trail Rules, Hours & Regulations

Trail Map Brochure 2021