MCCSA Monthly Meetings/Events

MCCSA meetings will be held the 3rd Thursday of each month. All meetings will be held outside behind the Visitor’s Center. Please bring a folding chair.

In the event of inclement weather, an email will be sent to notify of a cancellation/postponement.

Next meeting: August 18th 7:30

                                                                                                               IMPORTANT MCCSA NEWS:

  • All MCCSA communications are still via email. If you are not receiving monthly updates, please email Tanya Sulikowski, Environmental Specialist at
  • Mark your calendars! Several club work details have been scheduled to open up portions of the property that have had limited hunting access due to overgrown trails/blowdowns, etc. Two dates are on the calendar so far: Sunday August 28th and Sunday September 11th (both from 8am-noon). 
  • Last year MCR planted 100 cedars and oaks and the tree cages need to be cleared of weedy growth. On Tuesday August 16th from 8am-noon we will offer an opportunity to earn additional points (these will not count towards MCCSA Club total). Please RSVP to let Tanya know if you plan to attend.
  • Just a reminder…Merrill Creek Reservoir has an active forestry program that is designed to manage the long term sustainability of the forestland and promote ecological health by improving stand vigor and managing nonnative invasive species. Each year, various portions of the property are targeted for management activities and we are currently working in Stand 2. For a point of reference, Fox Farm Road divides Stands 2 and 10. All hunters that we have records of having tree stands in this area have been emailed to provide advance notice to plan for the upcoming season. If you have a stand in this area and have not received an email, please contact Tanya.