Fishing Rules

  • All NJ fishing regulations apply, including obtaining the appropriate valid fishing licenses, stamps, and abiding by all catch and release seasonal dates and regulations for certain fish species. Please note that Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass catch and release dates run from April to June. See for more information.
  • A barrier-free fishing dock is located off Fox Farm Road near the Inlet/Outlet Tower. Physically challenged anglers are given preference in the use of that dock.
  • Ice fishing, bow fishing, spearfishing and magnet fishing are PROHIBITED at MCR.
  • All group outings and/or fishing tournament participants MUST preregister and will NOT be given preference over other boaters. NOTE: MCR will only allow ONE tournament per day. It is the group/tournament coordinator’s responsibility to communicate all MCR and state fishing and boating rules and regulations to all participants. Any violations of these rules and regulations by a group/tournament participant may result in a permanent access denial to the premises for the fishing club holding the tournament.
  • Shore fishing allowed in designated areas only. There is NO FISHING on any of the dikes or from the dam – do not fish from these areas (these are the areas comprised of large rocks).  Additionally, wading in Merrill Creek Reservoir anywhere on the property is strictly prohibited.  Please stay on the shoreline.  Click on the map below for more details on designated areas for shore fishing.