Two juvenile Bald Eagles have finally fledged their nests at MCR!  Both young eagles appear healthy and can be seen flying over the reservoir foraging or soaring on the winds with their parents!  The two juveniles came from separate nests at MCR, however they have found each other and seem to be “hanging out” together, especially at the standing dead wood areas near the southeast dike and in the cove across the from the northeast dike.

According to Cornell Lab of Ornithology, “ Immature Bald Eagles have mostly dark heads and tails; their brown wings and bodies are mottled with white in varying amounts. Young birds attain adult plumage (i.e. white heads and tails with dark brown bodies and wings) in about five years.”

This year marks the 24th consecutive year that Bald Eagles have nested at MCR!

Top photo of the two 2023 Bald Eagle fledglings at MCR by Joe Codis

1st year Juvenile Bald Eagle – Photo by John Parke

Bald Eagle 2.5 year old with transition plumage – Photo by John Parke

Adult Bald Eagle – Photo by John Parke