Bears, Bears and more Bears at MCR! Lots of bear activity at MCR over the past few weeks which means it’s a good time to remind visitors how important it is to KEEP YOUR DOGS ON A LEASH at all times while you visit MCR. NOTE: shock collars are NOT a leash and are not a substitute for a leash while visiting MCR. Our policy on leashes is based on animal safety, respect for other dog owners, the public and our staff’s safety and wildlife safety. By not restraining your dog at a property that is not your own, you are placing them and other community members, as well as wildlife, at risk. Please note that dog owners allowing their pets off-leash” can lead to the encounters with bears and other wild animals that we have here at MCR such as porcupines, foxes, coyotes, bobcats and raccoons.

Don’t think a dog-off leash is a big deal, or off-leash dogs encountering a bear happens regularly? Google it. In fact, in June of this year Tourne County Park in Denville, NJ was closed to all visitors after several bear encounters with dogs that were off-leash by their owners led to aggressive bear behavior towards hikers and their pets. Also, in June of this year in the Blue Ridge Parkway National Park in North Carolina, sections of the park were closed after 3 separate bear dog off-leash encounters led to aggressive bear behavior towards hikers and their pets. One of those encounters led to a dog being put down because of its injuries. Please understand that MCR’s policy for always having your dog on a leash while visiting MCR is meant to keep you, your pet, other visitors, staff and the wildlife that lives here safe. Thank you!

Photos by Steve Panas, Sharon Wyett & John Parke