Fishing Tournament Rules


Merrill Creek Reservoir  – Bass Club and Fishing Tournament Rules


  1. To coordinate scheduling of fishing tournaments, please have the group’s coordinator contact Merrill Creek at with the requested date of the event.
  2. All boats taking part in fishing tournaments at Merrill Creek will access the boat ramp on a first come, first served basis.  No preference will be given over other boaters.
  3. A schedule is available that shows the opening and closing times of the gate at Merrill Creek Road. Tournament participants are not permitted to arrive until at least 30 minutes after sunrise. Parking is prohibited along Merrill Creek Road.  
  4. No tables, weigh-in stations, etc., can be set up in the parking area at Merrill Creek Reservoir.  All fish should be weighed and released on the water unless they are being harvested.
  5. Information on fishing and boating regulations specific to Merrill Creek as well as a contour map of the reservoir are available here as well as at the Visitor Center and Boat Ramp.