Monarch Butterfly

Tagged Monarch and BeeWe collected several 5th instar Monarch caterpillars from the meadows at Merrill Creek. After they emerged from their chrysalis they were tagged with an adhesive tag and released to begin their epic journey to wintering sites in the mountains of Mexico.

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Fall at Merrill Creek

September 10, 2015

First rain in quite some time!

The MCR Hawk Watch, which operates from the Inlet Outlet Tower parking lot, began the season on September 1. Very hot and humid weather, but the dedicated volunteers began counting the migrating raptors flying south over Scott’s Mountain. All visitors are welcome to stop by assist with the count. No experience necessary!

The monarch butterfly has begun its migration south to the wintering grounds in the mountains of Mexico. We will be tagging monarchs as the pass through our area.  Stop in the Visitor Center to observe some monarchs as they transform from caterpillars to adults.

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